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Google Business is often simply associated with the presentation of one’s own business on Google Maps. But it is much more than that! Google Business has the potential to boost your ranking extremely.

In the following I want to show you how and what you can do to improve your ranking enormously and convince Google of you, so that you are better positioned in search!

Basic Boost

Capture all company data

Either you are already on Google Business or you have yet to create your account. Be that as it may, your data should be completely recorded. Because that alone already brings your ranking forward.

Why? The more Google knows about you, the better your ranking, as it allows Google to better assess whether your offer might be relevant to this or that Google search user. If Google knows little about you, you will not be prioritized by Google as you could be if you collected all the data Google uses.

These include, for example:

  • Company name
  • Website address
  • Website address to register for events or other (for me e.g. for the cashflow events)
  • Capture a location (which is actually one of the first steps…)
  • Record times when you are „open“ or available (here, opening hours for holidays are also a good indicator of whether a company has really recorded everything – is viewed accordingly better by Google = better ranking)
  • Contact email
  • Phone number
  • VERY IMPORTANT: USERNAME (A feature to make it easier to find you instead of having to enter your company name. Mostly the username is shorter than the company name. AND the username, if given, again boosts your reputation at Google)
  • etc.

Verify company…?

Being on Google doesn’t mean you’re on Google… umm… yeah….

You can add your business to Google Business, BUT in order to use all the features and have a real presence, you need to verify yourself.

It will be suggested to you one way or another in the registration process and the process is super easy. Fill in your data with address and company details. Google will then send you a verification letter to the address you provided. In it you will find a code with which you can complete your verification – done!

Now you can use the full range of functions and determine your ranking yourself!

Next Level Boost

Your USP explosion

What is your USP? So your Unique Selling Proposition / your unique sales proposition?

What if you could boost this one extra? With a, of course, you already know process? What do you think it is?

Of course it’s the reviews! Yes of course! The more, the better! But only in the upper 4-5 stars! Anything less than that is sh*t PR (public relations; relationship with the public) for you. Is clear or?

There’s not much to say about this, because anyone who comes across your company on Google can also submit a review. And don’t worry about the haters: You can have these reviews removed if they are untrue or similar.

So you know what you should do? Ask each of your customers and vendors for feedback and a short review! Short reviews are, of course, easier and faster to create. But of course, if someone wants to write a long, detailed, positive review, you don’t say no!

Google Business Blog

Like, what… Google Business Blog? Yes, you read correctly. You can post on Google Business.

The difference is that these disappear after about 14 days…that’s not so cool, but if you know that…then you know that. However, you can find your posted articles in your dashboard. (To my knowledge, the period of 14 days has also already changed. Previously, I think it was 7 days)

This way you can also repost past articles over and over again without having to rewrite them. And again, a Google Business Post is valuable! Because this is content. In addition, it is content, directly IN Google’s internal system AND: Google loves content = ranking boost!

Enter products & services…?

Did you know that you can add your services and products on Google Business? You can enter your coaching, your online course, or other products and services.

What’s in it for you? These may appear directly in Google search and your target audience and customers can find you faster and buy your offer.

Texts… actually Basic & yet not?!

Texts here means text messages. Gaaaaance classic messages (No, not SMS!). But messages people can send you directly through Google Business.

The best way to receive and respond is to use the Google Business app for iPhone & Android. With this it works best and fastest!

Free advertising

You didn’t seriously believe that now, did you? But it is actually true! Even if only partially… because this free advertising is actually your SEO ranking, that is, your presence in the search results.

And you will ONLY achieve this if you have done the steps from above. This will get you found better and faster, and Google will rank you better, which in turn could mean you get listed ahead of a more well-known company because you’ve given Google more data, more information, more knowledge about you – and Google likes to reward that, too.

Local / Regional Presence

How do you achieve local and regional presence? Well, what do you think? If you did the steps from above, you’ve already increased them dramatically!

And now if you are still writing Google Business posts over and over again or continuously, adding reviews, being in conversation with your customers via Google Business, i.e. interacting (text messaging) – what do you think will happen? – You will become a local / regional superstar! (For Google & your customers!)

Thats the Magic!

Most likely, you now understand why Google Business is so valuable. And I hope you realize that while Google Business is extremely strong for regional search (as opposed to global), having a presence here can also affect global presence.

My conclusion: An entry is 100% worth it (or even more!)
The only question is: when will you be present in Google Business?
Create your account now:

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