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Our subscriptions are the best way to get good results on a regular basis. After a briefing, we provide you with a content plan and provide you with regular texts on a monthly basis to increase your website visitors. Respond flexibly to changing market situations. You have the option to cancel at any time without unnecessary minimum terms.

When can I expect my items?
The items are delivered weekly, depending on the quantity you choose.

Any recommendations on how I can get the best results?
From our experience we recommend to book at least the subscription with 4 articles (4 articles per month with 1200 words). On average, the traffic of our customers who booked this subscription increased by 51% – 137% after 3 months (depending on the niche).
To get even better results, you can choose more items. For difficult niches, we recommend choosing a higher word count to keep up with competitors.

How do I get more articles per month?
If you need more than 12 articles per month, contact our support team. We will find the best solution for your individual needs.

When can I expect my SEO texts?
Since we start keyword research in week 1 and revise the content plan in week 2, you will receive your first content in week 3, but you will still receive your monthly booked number! For example, for a subscription with 4 articles per month, we create double the amount in week 3 and 4 and from then on, one per week. So for the first 4 weeks you still have the 4 articles, and from then on we create new ones weekly!

What is the subscription process?
The monthly subscription consists of a 3-month cycle that always repeats.

First cycle
Your subscription starts with keyword research, where we find relevant and well performing keywords for your website and niche.
We create a content plan for you with, depending on the subscription, 6, 12, 24 or 36 different topics. After you receive this content plan, you have a few days to review it. You can either approve it or give us feedback so we can customize it to your individual needs.
After you approve the plan, content will be delivered weekly or bi-weekly, depending on your subscription.

The cycle starts again
After 3 months you will receive your first SEO report, where you can see the development of your website visitors. We conduct the next keyword research and create a new content plan based on the findings of the first 3 months. Of course, you can always suggest topics or keyword ideas.

How many words are included?
In some industries, it’s harder to beat the competition and land in the top positions than in others. With a higher word count than your competitors, you rise to the challenge and convince Google that your website is more relevant than your competitors’. A better ranking and more website visitors are the result.
By default, our texts subscription includes 1,000-1,200 words per text. Our SEO experts will then research the suggested word count for each piece of content individually based on existing content. You distribute the total word count among the different texts, so one text may have 600 words and another may have 1,600 words.
If more words are proposed in total, more words can be added with each content plan. If you want more words by default, just contact us.

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