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Boost your online presence today with a blog article. Companies can use blog content to regularly provide their target audience with important topics that highlight their expert status and strengthen their brand image.

Blog articles are also a way to drive long-term traffic to your website – increase traffic – and improve your visibility on Google. If you want to establish yourself as an authority in your industry, if you want to attract the attention of potential customers and offer them valuable knowledge – blogs are the way to go. Helpful content helps customers appreciate you as an expert – and then decide to make a purchase or buy a book.

We know how difficult it can be to stand out from the crowd when everyone is fighting for your customers’ attention. We publish and/or write the blog articles so you can focus on other tasks, such as increasing your online presence, building your customer base, etc.

Our team of writers will take care of every detail so you can focus on your business and attracting new customers, while we create content that will make you stand out from the competition. So if you’re looking for a team that understands the importance of marketing and is committed to growing your business, then you’ve come to the right place!

By the way: Blog articles also have a great impact on your ads, if you place any. The better your website is regarded by Google & Co., the better you will be compared to your competitors and you might even pay less for the ads, as you will be preferred over other competitors. Thus, blog articles have a very wide range of possibilities for you if you use them – and use them properly.

Contact us now to discuss how we can help you achieve these goals.

Our general recommendation:
4 x blog articles

When you’re at the very beginning:
Add 2 x blog articles per month.

If you’re an established entrepreneur:
12-30 x blog articles

Secure these advantages now:

  • Personal contact
  • Your individual branding
  • You provide us with content
  • We maintain your blog
  • Pictures you provide
  • We plan everything with a concrete editorial plan
  • We optimize for you

Our recommendation


11 reviews for Blog article

  1. German

    Christine D.

    In letzter Zeit hat mir die Inspiration gefehlt und ich habe mal eine Pause gebraucht. Der letzte Monat, wo ihr mir die Artikel geschrieben habt, war genau das, was ich gebraucht habe. DANKE!

  2. German

    Katja W.

    Ich habe am Anfang mit 4 Blogartikel pro Monat begonnen, nach nicht mal einem Monat hat sich der Traffic verdoppelt. Ich werde das Paket sicherlich vergrößern, vielen Dank dafür!

  3. German

    Brigitte R.

    Seitdem ich mit euch arbeite ist die Präsenz auf meine Webseite viel gestiegen
    und natürlich auch die Verkäufe. Ihr macht ein echt super Job!

  4. German

    Petra O.

    Die Artikel sind immer sehr schön geschrieben. Alles immer gut detailliert und erklärt. Ich liebe diesen Service für mein Unternehmen und werde es immer nutzen.

  5. German

    Lisa S.

    Ich kann gut mit einem Live-Publikum reden, aber alles in Worte zu fassen fällt mir sehr schwer. Ich bin froh, dass ihr das für mich machen könnt und die von euch geschriebenen Artikel, kommen super gut an. Herzlichen Dank für eure tolle Arbeit.

  6. German

    Joachim M.

    Das Google Business und Blogartikel Paket funktionieren wunderbar zusammen. Ich bedanke mich für eure Hilfe!

  7. German

    Celine M.

    Zeitlich hatte ich leider keine Möglichkeit mehr auch die Bloggartikel für meine Webseite zu erfassen, Ihr habt das gemacht, was ich nicht mehr geschafft habe und habt eine großartige Arbeit geleistet. Ihr seid einfach super!

  8. German

    Ingrid K.

    Ihr habt das beste Autorenteam, ich werde euch auf jeden Fall weiterempfehlen!

  9. German

    Lea K.

    Sie haben ein wirklich seriöses Team, das viele begeisternde Ideen hat!

  10. German

    Klaus G.

    Als Anfänger war ich total verwirrt und konnte nicht alles richtig begreifen. Dank euren Autorenteam, kann ich mich jetzt um andere Aufgaben kümmern

  11. German

    Kerstin N.

    Es ist immer willkommen, wenn man die Blogs mal auffrischt. Eure Bloggartikel haben viele neue Subscriber gebracht und ich freu mich schon auf unsere weitere Zusammenarbeit.

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Yes, we can gladly do that for you. We should definitely talk about that. But basically we have copywriters in house who are also happy to create your content 🙂

Yes, we can do that for you. We have several designers and photographers in house who are happy to create everything for you. We should definitely talk about this.

By the way:

Our photographers are also happy to visit you at your location and do the photo shoot at your place.
Or something that is also popular: photo shoots in Mallorca.

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By the way, domain comes from the French domaine and Latin dominium = good in sovereign possession.

A workflow is a work process. That is, a sequence of related steps performed one at a time. For your website, store or landing page, it can be a workflow like this:

  1. Visitor comes to your page
  2. Visitor signs up for your newsletter (by the way: now he is no longer a visitor, but an email subscriber)
  3. Subscriber receives a welcome email
  4. Subscriber will receive an email in the next 3 days with tips and prompts to buy your product
  5. etc.

The goal of a funnel is to turn a prospect into a valuable customer by going through multiple touchpoints to ultimately perform a specific action, such as completing an order.

Visually presented, Facebook ads, for example, attract many interested parties into the funnel. It can happen that interested parties jump off during the buying process, ie they jump out of the funnel again. However, the interested parties who have completed an order become customers and, figuratively, come out of the funnel at the bottom.

A landing page is a single page. Usually a website consists of several pages – a home page, contact page, about me or other pages. These are accessible via some kind of menu – usually a menu at the top that you can just click on.

A landing page, on the other hand, is a single page, usually without a menu and possibly deviating from the standard style. Because a landing page can be used to direct the entire focus to a webinar or to a product that you want to sell or to an event or, or, or.

So on a landing page, you want to direct the visitor to something, with their full 100% focus – without them getting distracted or being able to go elsewhere.

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Yes, you can downgrade from one pricing model to another at any time. Your term does not change and remains the same. Thus, when you downgrade, the remaining time is credited as credit for the next term. You can downgrade via your account access with us. If you need help with this, please let us know and we will help you.

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More questions?


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